Weeble Wobble

Taking Steps Towards the Future

11 months – 18 months

A Great Place to Grow

Our Weeble Wobble classroom is centered around children who have taken their first steps. Your child will be encouraged to learn through play as they engage in a variety of age appropriate activities. We focus on the development of gross and fine motor skills along with social/emotional skills as they begin to explore the world around them. One of the primary goals at this age is to keep every child safe as they are learning to walk and explore. Regular interaction is promoted with peers and teachers to further development of both language and communication skills, using the Creative Curriculum as the foundation.

Together we work hard to create an inviting and secure environment that provides meaningful experiences for your little one. Each day offers opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Weeble Wobble friends are introduced to a daily schedule and routine as a class, but their needs are still “on-demand” while making this transition.

Safe and Welcoming Environment

  • Ratio 1:4
  • Warm & Stimulating Classroom
  • Daily Communication App for Families
  • Own Dedicated Caregiver
  • Weekly Lesson Plans
  • Introduction to Class Schedule & Routine
  • Personalized “On-Demand” Schedule, if needed
  • Crib & Mattress or Cot Dedicated to Each Child
  • Diapers & Wipes Provided
  • Strengthening Gross Motor Skills
  • Rich Sensory Environment

What Our Parents Say