Throughout the year teachers plan activities to help your child achieve success. We use a researched assessment called Teaching Strategies Gold (TS GOLD). TS GOLD ® is aligned with state and national early learning standards and guidelines. TS Gold is an ongoing, observation-based assessment system that focuses on all of the areas of development. Your child is observed during regular, everyday activities continuously throughout the year for a complete picture of their development.

Objectives for Development & Learning

At the heart of TS Gold are the 38 Objectives for Development and Learning which guide teachers through the assessment process. These 38 Objectives include predictors of school success, based on school readiness, and are aligned with Michigan’s Early Learning Guidelines and Standards, Common Core State Standards, and the Head Start Child Development and Learning Framework. Each objective is classified under 1 of the 10 areas of development and many of them include dimensions, expanding on the specific behavior.

Family Involvement

Families are encouraged to participate in their child’s education to further their growth and development by attending Parent-Teacher Conferences, which are scheduled in advance in the fall and spring. Assessments and Parent-Teacher Conferences are an important part of your child’s development to ensure your child is reaching the necessary milestones or is offered the appropriate additional support if it is required.