The Best Care From the Beginning

4 weeks – 12 months

We Operate from the Heart

Leaving your baby with a childcare provider for the first time can be emotional and a big adjustment. The transition will be different for everyone, but we do our best to make it as easy as we can for both you and your baby.

Our infant’s classroom is for our youngest children and offers a loving, warm, and stimulating environment. Our primary goal is for each child to develop a sense of trust with their teachers and a sense of security in their environment. With input from the family, we will create a daily schedule that best fits the needs of your child.

We understand that families can have busy schedules from time to time! We want to help make things a little easier, so we provide diapers, wipes, infant cereal, fruits, and vegetables.

Growing Together

Our experienced teachers create an individualized developmental growth plan every month for your child. The growth plan identifies each area of development; Cognitive, Language, Social/Emotional, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, and Sensory, and indicates current milestones they have achieved and the next ones we will be focusing on.

We concentrate on development of self-awareness, self-regulation, self-soothing, and beginning social/communication skills. Every day offers a variety of learning experiences that promote developmental growth as children move onto their next milestone.

Safe & Welcoming Environment

  • Ratio 1:4
  • Warm & Inviting Classroom
  • Daily Communication App for Families
  • Own Dedicated Caregiver
  • Individualized Monthly Development Plan
  • Personalized “On-Demand” Schedule
  • Crib & Mattress Dedicated to Each Child
  • Diapers & Wipes Provided
  • Rich Sensory Environment

What Our Parents Say