Preschool 3

Moving on Up

3 years

A New Perspective

This is an important time in your child’s personal development and our teachers are here to guide them through it and determine where to challenge the children individually. Each day is filled with learning experiences that promote each area of development with multiple interest areas for your child to explore.

At this age, your child will begin building lasting friendships with their peers. We present fundamental skills, such as communication, sharing, and teamwork, while fostering these relationships. Each child’s unique personality is actively celebrated and personalization of daily activities offers expansion on the interests of each child.

Safe and Welcoming Environment

  • Ratio 1:10
  • Daily Communication App for Families
  • Development Screened & Assessed
  • Individual Interests Encouraged
  • Free Choice Exploration
  • Hands-On Learning Activities
  • Spatial Awareness & Motor Skills

What Our Parents Say