Ages & Stages Questionnaires

Why We Screen

  • To celebrate milestones
  • To detect developmental delays
  • To improve child outcomes
  • To encourage parent involvement and education
  • Because screening is recommended by major educational and medical organizations such as, American Academy of Pediatrics, Head Start, and Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Program (EPSDT)

About ASQ-3

Ages and Stages Questionnaires, Third Edition (ASQ-3) are developmental screening tools that identify developmental progress in children ages 1 month to 5 ½ years. Developmental screening is standardized and surveys a child’s abilities in broad terms. Parents periodically complete the questionnaires which only take 10-15 minutes to complete. Questionnaires are then returned and scored to highlight children’s strengths, as well as any concerns. Evidence shows that the earlier development is assessed, the greater the chance a child has to reach their full potential.

Developmental areas screened:

  • communication
  • gross motor
  • fine motor
  • problem solving
  • personal-social

About ASQ:SE-2

Ages and Stages Questionnaires: Social-Emotional, Second Edition (ASQ:SE-2) are modeled after the ASQ-3 but are solely focused on social-emotional development in children ages 1 month to 6 years. ASQ:SE-2 identifies behaviors of concern, and if there is a need for further assessment. Early detection of behavioral challenges gives children a greater chance of reaching their full potential.

Developmental areas screened:

  • self-regulation
  • compliance
  • adaptive functioning
  • autonomy
  • affect
  • social communication
  • interaction with people