Let’s Do This

30 months – 3 years

Preparing for the Next Step

In our transition room your child will learn to master the use of the toilet. Our teachers are patient and nurturing to make this process to be a positive experience.

Expression and curiosity allow them the opportunity to question and discover something new every day. With a keen focus on their development in areas such as language and literacy, mathematics, and science, you can be assured we will encourage the children to develop at their own pace.

We aim to guide and inspire your child to grow with confidence and independence, while learning to share and play together with other children. Your child is encouraged to make their own choices whenever possible, preparing them for the next steps toward their educational future.

Toilet Training

Beginning the toilet training process is a huge adjustment, so we want to be sure your child is ready. Our experienced teachers understand that your child needs to be comfortable as they approach this next milestone. There are a few signs that we watch for that indicate it may be time for your child to take the plunge.

We want this time to be a positive experience for everyone involved. Communication between your family and your child’s teacher is an important factor in their success. We will remain consistent with the schedule you have introduced at home and each attempt or success will be tracked in our daily communication app.

When your child is ready to take this next step, we will explain our unique approach to toilet training that, with our experience, only takes a few weeks!

Safe and Welcoming Environment

  • Ratio 1:8
  • Master Toilet Training
  • Support and Encouragement
  • Diapers Provided for Rest Time
  • Daily Communication App for Families
  • Embracing Independence
  • Discovery, Curiosity, Experimentation

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