An Innovative Approach

Our teachers use Creative Curriculum as the foundation of each classroom’s lesson plans. Creative Curriculum is a researched based curriculum which has been validated by the Michigan Department of Education. With Creative Curriculum opportunities are offered for your child to explore the environment on their own, develop socially and emotionally, discover life skills, and achieve the academics needed to be Kindergarten ready. Every day offers a variety of learning experiences with hands on, open ended activities through studies that are meaningful to the children.

Creative Curriculum’s approach to learning supports the whole child development, which means each area of development is nurtured and supported. Teachers can modify activities and the environment to promote learning and challenge each child based on their individual progress.

Consistency is Key

Children learn by doing, so most of your child’s learning will occur during play that is both educational and fun. Our teachers will support and engage with your child during work time and structured activities while capturing “teachable” moments and encouraging problem-solving skills. Each classroom is divided into 11 interest areas to offer the children to pursue their interests and make clear choices.

It is important for children to have consistency and structure to have an effective learning environment. Daily schedules are created based on the needs of children’s individual and group needs. Some activities during the day are initiated by the children and others are planned by the teacher.  

11 Blocks of Interest

  1. Dramatic Play
  2. Toys & Games
  3. Art
  4. Sand
  5. Water
  6. Library
  7. Discovery
  8. Music & Movement
  9. Cooking
  10. Computers
  11. Outdoors