“Inspiring Every Child’s Passion for Learning Through Diverse & Meaningful Experiences”

-Ms. Angie

Great Start Readiness Program

(GSRP) Tuition-FREE*, state grant funded preschool program for 4 year old’s.

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Our Philosophy Statement

I believe that the first five years of childhood is the most important time for development and learning. I have developed a program that will encourage children to learn in an environment that is happy and safe. It is my goal to empower the children with the skills they hopefully will use throughout the rest of their lives. We have a “Whole Child Development” philosophy that features a full day of developmentally appropriate and engaging, child-initiated learning activities. This will allow children to develop socially, cognitively, emotionally and physically.

– Ms. Angie

Academy 4 Lil’ Angels

Academy 4 Lil’ Angels goal was to create an inspirational child care center in the heart of Sterling Heights, where the education offered is balanced between kindergarten preparation academics, important life skills, and social and emotional development. The center is designed to provide a stimulating, enjoyable, and safe environment where children can thrive, while receiving the best possible care.

Under our close guidance, children actively lead their own development. Our experienced teachers lead children through hands-on learning experiences promoting critical thinking skills, self-confidence, and creativity as your child builds a positive foundation for future learning and development.

What Our Parents Say

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Rated with 4 Stars from Great Start to Quality
  • Educated and Experienced Teachers
  • Curriculum Built Upon Children’s Interests
  • Variety of Engaging Enrichment Programs
  • Fresh and Healthy Meals Provided
  • Diapers and Wipes Provided for Infants & Toddlers
  • Tuition Assistance Programs Accepted
    • Child Care and Development (CDC)
    • Child Care Aware
    • Navy Child and Youth Programs

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