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Virtual Support Classrooms

Our center is now offering a School Age Program beginning Tuesday, September 1st. Our virtual support classrooms will be for children in grades kindergarten through sixth. Teachers will support your child(ren) during their online school day. After the ending of the 2019-2020 school year, our teachers are familiar with various platforms. Some of these include: Google Classroom, Zoom and Schoology. Our schedule for the day will be modified to meet the needs of your child’s school schedule. We will work with your child’s synchronous (real time learning with the teacher) and asynchronous (learning experiences created by the teacher which are accessible at any time) schedule. Families must provide a laptop and headset with a microphone. Laptops will only be used during your child’s online class time and for assignment completion.  Social distancing will be implemented as often as possible throughout the day and masks are required to be worn. In between online classroom times, we will continue supporting them through social interaction, daily gross motor activities, language and literacy opportunities. Please fill out the form below if you have interest in our program.




High Quality Childcare, Preschool and School Age Program


Our Mission Statement


“Inspiring Every Child’s Passion For Learning Through Diverse & Meaningful Experiences.”


Our Philosophy Statement

I believe that the first five years of childhood is the most important time for development and learning.  I have developed a program that will encourage children to learn in an environment that is happy and safe.  It is my goal to empower the children with the skills they hopefully will use throughout the rest of their lives.  We have a “Whole Child Development” philosophy that features a full day of developmentally appropriate and engaging, child-initiated learning activities.  This will allow children to develop socially, cognitively, emotionally and physically. 

Our Curriculum

We strive to provide the highest quality of education. To ensure all students receive a high standard, we use the researched based curriculum called Creative Curriculum. With this curriculum, students are able to explore the environment on their own, develop socially and emotionally, learn life skills, and achieve the academics needed to have a successful preparation to kindergarten. Children learn by doing, it is both fun and educational. The activities that are chosen are open ended, which means they grow at the level of the individual child. Children will have free choice time along with structured activities throughout the day. A lot of their learning will come during play and consistent interaction to capture those “teachable” moments. (Example: when they learn about an apple they touch it, smell it, cut it open, taste it, talk about what’s inside, where it comes from, how it grows, where we can get it. We can also talk about how it tastes and the colors of them as we read about them). Creative Curriculum focuses on eleven interest areas or activities in the program environment: blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, sand and water, library, discovery, music and movement, cooking, computers, and the outdoors. It helps teachers understand how to work with children at different developmental levels to promote learning and guides them in adapting the environment to make it more challenging.

In the infant and toddler rooms we use Creative Curriculum (there are individual developmental plans for each of the infants under the age of 12 months). There are so many ways to help them explore and develop. One of the important goals of our center is to help these little ones develop a sense of security and bond with their teachers. We want to ensure that they will be loved and supported as they begin to explore the world around them. This is when we have the opportunity to help them learn and develop different skills. A lot of their learning will come during play and consistent interaction to capture those “teachable” moments.  Even though these are very busy rooms, there is plenty of structure and guidance to ensure the learning environment is great while maintaining the safety of the children.


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Approximately 4 weeks – 12 months

In the Infant Room, our main goal is for the children to develop trust in their teachers and a sense of security in their environment. We want the children to develop self-awareness, self-regulation, self-soothing and begin their communication/social skills.

Weeble Wobble

Approximately 11 months – 18 months

In our Weeble Wobble Room one of our primary goals is to keep them safe while they are learning to explore, climb and walk around the classroom.  We encourage the children to create relationships with their teachers and peers.  We help them develop gross and fine motor skills.


Approximately 16 months – 30 months

In our Toddler Room we follow the Creative Curriculum. The teachers do weekly lesson plans based on the interest of the children. We encourage the children create relationships with their teachers and peers as well as develop gross and fine motor skills.


Approximately 3 years – 5 years

In our Preschool Classrooms we use the Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold as our assessment piece.  We have full and half day options available.




Meet our Staff


Ms. Korrin

Education Specialist

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood

Ms. Aubrey

Assistant Director

Associate Degree in Early Childhood

Ms. Angie


Master’s in Educational Leadership

Bachelor’s in Early Childhood


Ms. Amanda

Infant Associate

Ms. Nicole

Lead Infants


Ms. Laura


Ms. Julie

Lead Toddler A

Ms. Amanda

Assistant Toddlers


Ms. Faiha

Lead Transition


Ms. Taya

Preschool Associate

Ms. Wuanita

Lead Preschool


Ms. Susan

Lead School Age



Non Discrimination Statement 

Enrichment Programs

Helping Childhood Development

Happy Feet


Happy Feet is a soccer program for children 2.5 years to 5 years.  The children learn soccer skills while doing fun engaging stories, songs and games.  The Happy Feet program comes to our center every Monday at 10:00am.



“We have been going to the academy for 5 years. The care is great, close to home, affordable, and our daughter has made many friends. I would highly recommend the center to anyone interested” – Jacob D.

“My children have been going here for a few years. They love coming to see their friends and the staff make them feel so comfortable and loved! My three year old is recognizing letters and starting to write her name! Fantastic! I recommend Academy 4 Lil Angels to anyone who asks about daycare!! Thank you for taking such great care of us!” – Nicole S.

“My son has been going here since he was 18 months and our experience so far has been great! Angie and the staff are friendly, properly trained and they keep the academy clean and sanitary. Trust this place and the teachers 100% to have my sons best interest at heart. They go above and beyond!” – Mandi B.

“The kids had a amazing time this summer. Every week they kids would come home and talk about all the fun each trip was. Cant wait for next summer’s program.” – Hance W.

“Both of my children come to the school. My son is in one of the programs and he loves both of his teachers. The staff is very helpful and friendly, not to mention they will personally go out of their way to help you out. The bus driver drops off and picks up my daughter from school and brings her back to the center every day, which makes it easy on myself as a parent and it also makes it convenient to have both kids at the same place. I just want to say thank you to the staff and to Ms. Angie.” – Victoria L.

“This academy has been like a second home for my son. The staff truly care about him. They are always striving to improve themselves so the kids have access to latest and greatest best practices. At two years of age, my son has access to activities and procedures that support his reading, math, science, problem solving, gross/fine motor skills, health/safety and so much more. I truly believe my son will have such an advantage when kindergarten comes around because he has experienced all of the support from the staff at Academy 4 Lil Angels. If your looking for a place that feels more like family than daycare, Academy 4 Lil Angels is the place.” – Brittani C.

“My grandson has been going here for a year and the staff and Director are just amazing he is learning so much everyday. Also very competitively priced. I have recommended to all my friends and family.” – Tracie P.

“THIS PLACE IS THE REAL DEAL! You won’t find a better day care center in this area–trust me! I’ve worked for others and Academy 4 Lil Angels in unmatched in quality of care and overall standards. WELL DONE! WE LOVE THIS PLACE!” – Amber S.

“My 3 1/2 year old is very vocal and loves going here. I have also found them to be flexible regarding some schedule changes. I especially like the life cubby app associated with this center, as I can see what my child has eaten for the day as well as nap times, pictures, activities etc.” – Melody L.

“Great staff! Our son and daughter have been enrolled for over a year and love it. They enjoy the friends they have both made and have grown immensely with what they have learned from the staff. The director and staff have always been exceptionally personable and professional with us. Would recommend definitely.” – Kevin M.

“Great place to send your child. I have sent my son to this daycare for the last 2 years. The staff is great and the care they provide is exceptional. Highly recommended.” – Erik R.


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